Female Indentity

Female Identity


This project was started 3 years ago and it is still a work in progress. I’ve always liked to observe and think about relations between psychological and physical, mind and body, inner and outer. For me, this project was more like  research or exploration – a process of understanding and maybe even of liberation. This is because while making the work I had to leave some of my preconceptions behind in order to understood that there is no single common female identity. The concept of femininity is not singular, nor cannot it be taken rigidly: every single woman’s (or indeed man’s) story is uniquely different, and femininity is something that is built up through layers (as my photographs show).

One chooses how to express it, play on it, or even reject the notion entirely. Moreover, identity is not constant. It is a process of becoming. For example, something what was true for me 6 months ago now seems outdated. People are constantly constructing and reconstructing their identities every single day – and fashion can play a significant role in creating our sense of identity.

So for my project I’ve asked my sitters to reconstitute their favourite look in which they feel fully expressed or, “fully themselves”. The plural seems appropriate here, for there is not just one ‘look’ and my photographs show how that ‘look’ is created. Usually this process is hidden, and I made it visible. The accompanying texts are very important here, it a space for women to talk for themselves. In most cases these texts were created through a dialogue with the sitters that often lasted for couple of hours.I wanted to make the women to feel comfortable, but I also wanted to challenge them to think about their bodies, their identities, and the reasons for their choice of ‘outfit’ as an expression of, you might say, their ‘innerfit’.