Mappoints Photo Project


Pockets are empty, but I refuse to sit at home, let’s go on a bus trip today. Let’s spin the coin and let the chance decide where to go today – seashore or hills? Or just close your eyes and point your finger on the map. Oh, new idea – let’s visit the final spot of every bus route! I’ve never beet to Seton Sands, have you? Do you think there is a lot of sand? Anyway, moving is living! So, let’s move.

A year ago, when I just moved to Edinburgh, I was struggling to find a work. Therefore, I had financial problems, and buying a day ticket for a bus was like a feast, cheap entertainment – I took the very first bus I had seen and rode until the last bus stop in search for new impressions. For this project I’ve revisited familiar places and discovered new ones. I’ve made around 15-30 photographs per location with one condition: it should be taken not further then 5 minutes walk from the final bus stop.