Wedding photography services - PETAL Weddings

Wedding photography services – PETAL Weddings

I’ve recently launched a separate Wedding Photography Services website, here it is:

It was not easy to come up with a good name for wedding photography service that is free to use, isn’t too sentimental, and still gives a hint on the nature of the business. After weeks of hesitation, Facebook polls and nagging my friends, I came up with PETAL Weddings. As you might know, I am originally from Latvia, but I speak Russian. In Russian, blades of the apperture are called “petals of the apperture”, and petals are logically associated with flowers. And flowers are romance, youth, blossom, spring and love. So, in the name and the logotype I’ve combined both of these meanings.

I am planning a whole redesign of this space, as it became cumbersome. Stay tuned :)